Payday loan: I need money urgently – how can I get them today and now?

I need money immediately, with absolute urgency: what should I do? In this article we provide you with a very simple guide that can be useful in case you need an online loan to receive money urgently. Let’s find out how you can have the desired money immediately available, with the main features of the loans offered and the methods of request.

Online Loans: the best solution for those who need money urgently

Many times it may happen that we are faced with an unexpected expense, for which we need money urgently. The financing options that we find on the market are very many, but not all of them allow us to receive the sum of money we want in a short time. In fact, banks must respect bureaucratic times, in which they carry out all the necessary checks, to avoid lending money to customers who are not able to make the repayment later. And if we need money with some urgency? The solution that suits us then is that of online loans.

Now with internet you can really do everything, and even lenders have thought of solutions that allow us to reduce the delivery time, thanks to the online request. All the main banks offer their customers the possibility to manage their account through the website, and many companies provide for the financing request completely online, without having to go to the branch office. Usually online loans provide a rather low amount of money that can be requested, which minimizes the time needed to credit the amount on the client’s current account, since the risk to the bank is considerably lower than in the case of larger sums important.

If you are looking for a small loan, for example for an amount of 1,000 euros, several companies offer the possibility to make the request in a few simple clicks that allows us to obtain the credit in the day. In the event that you are in a position to wait a few more days, then with personal loans online you can usually receive up to 30,000 euros, but this figure depends on the bank to which you are addressing. For example, in the case of Findomestic, the amount that can be requested reaches as much as 60,000 euros. Therefore, delivery times depend above all on the amount we are interested in, given that obviously for any credit institution it is easier to offer immediate disbursement for small amounts. As we said, however, the characteristics of the loans offered depend on the company to which we address. For this reason our advice is to visit the website of your bank to find out immediately how much you can request and if you can immediately receive the money you need.

Another fundamental characteristic that must be considered is that of the required requisites. The latter is a determining factor for the purposes of granting the loan and, if successful, for the timing of disbursement. In particular, it is important to have a paycheck or a pension, since it will be enough to attach the income document to have access to the credit. It is impossible to think of receiving a loan in a few hours, for example by presenting a guarantor’s signature or by mortgaging a property. Finally, it is important not to be reported in Crif (Central Financial Risks), a feature common to most loans. If these requirements are met, in most cases thanks to online loans we will have the possibility to have available the amount of money we need in a few days, and in the case of small loans even in less than 24 hours.

How to immediately receive the desired money urgently

How to immediately receive the desired money urgently

If you are looking for a quick loan, as we have seen the best solution is that of online finance. What are the request methods? The first thing to do to apply for a personal loan online is to use the loan simulator to choose the optimal amount and duration for our needs. Receiving a quote online is even easier than what happens by going to the branch. In a few simple clicks we can in fact get all the information we need. The only information that we will have to insert will be the amount we are interested in. All we have to do is click on ” Calculate Rata “, and the result we will get will be a list of products that meet our needs.

The different solutions will differ from each other for the expected repayment duration. As it is easy to guess, at a shorter duration correspond higher monthly installments, while increasing the number of months the corresponding installment will always be lower. This could suggest moving towards the maximum possible duration, which involves a light installment for which we will not have problems to make the repayment. The other factors to consider are interest rates. These define the price of our financing, and overall they are always higher as the duration chosen for our loan increases. The request for an online estimate is very useful to assess the right balance that allows us to set a rate not too high, trying to limit as much as possible the amount that we will pay the bank for interest. This is the reason why the first step presented to us when we go to request an online loan is to calculate the installment.

Once we have chosen the duration of our financing, we can move on to entering the data needed to complete the online personal loan application. This procedure can vary, as the one described above, according to the bank to which we address, however in general the information requested is usually the same as we would be asked to go to the branch. Regarding personal data, we will obviously have to enter the name, surname and our tax code. Among the documents that we will have to present there are the identity card and the health card. There are three possible solutions to demonstrate the income received: for employees it is required to present the last paycheck, pensioners will have to present the last pension slip, while the self-employed will have to present the last tax return. How to send all the documentation online? There are two solutions adopted to guarantee a 100% secure exchange of documents: the first option is to use the digital signature, while alternatively it is possible to use a PEC email address (Certified Electronic Mail).

How can I do if I need money today: desperate solutions to request money

In case you are faced with an unexpected expense, you may need a loan in one day. Is there a way to receive money today? In general it could be difficult to get the amount we need in such a short time. However, there are some particular types of financing that can be considered “desperate” solutions to request money. The first solution that is good to consider is that of credit on a pledge. Various lenders offer their clients this solution, which can be perfect in case the desired amount is not particularly high. The operation of this type of personal loan is very simple: the customer leaves a pawn in the company, which will only be able to return once the reimbursement has been completed.

It is probably the simplest financing to obtain, since the only guarantee required is the object, which could be for example a jewel of any kind, a bracelet, earrings, a necklace, a watch and so on. The only constraint because the disbursement of the money we need in the day is that the market value of the object that we will leave in custody at the bank must be higher than the amount we will request. So thanks to this desperate solution to receive the money we need we can receive money today without losing an object that could have a strong emotional value, and that will be stored in a safe place and returned to the customer at the end of the refund.

How can I do if I need money today but I do not have an item worth more than the sum of money I’m looking for? In this case, a financing solution to be taken into consideration is that of private loans. Sometimes, in fact, receiving a loan from a private individual is easier than when we turn to a bank. Moreover, often if we explain our situation and the reason for our need to immediately receive the money we need, our lender will be available to lend us their money even in the day. Although it may be an excellent solution, it is always good to pay close attention to those who turn to receive this type of funding. In fact, when one is desperate for a loan, it may happen that we turn to untrustworthy people who could take advantage of our situation to defraud us by setting conditions that are too disadvantageous.

In this sense it is good to remember that the Italian law establishes the usury thresholds for interest rates. In the event that the rate applied by the individual exceeds the threshold set for the personal loan, then the loan is to be considered illegal and we can proceed with a complaint. In general, however, we advise you to evaluate the terms of the loan before signing any agreement. As for loans between individuals, the safest solution is to address one of the different social lending communities such as Prestiamoci, Smartika and BLender. In this way, through the platform you can get in touch with many private individuals ready to lend you the money you need even in the day. The platform itself will also ensure maximum security, so from this point of view it will be just as if you had turned to any credit institution.



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