Loan 8000 Euro: Estimate payday loan with installment calculation

Let’s see what are the specific characteristics of the loan from 8000 euros. All information about personal loans offered by the main companies and estimates of Astrofinance, Cleopar and Ultranix. We will see how to calculate the payment and interest online in a few simple steps, so as to identify the most convenient loan.

Personal Loan 8000 euros Astrofinance: how to request a free online quote

If you are interested in buying for example a car, also used, or you want to buy furniture to furnish your home, or you want to organize a ceremony and you need a loan of 8000 euros, there are several solutions that you can find on the market of financing. According to your needs, you will undoubtedly find the right product for you. If for some purchases it is possible to access the finalized loans that are proposed to us directly by the retailer to whom we address, the most common solution to carry out any project is the personal loan. Among the major credit institutions to which we can apply to request this form of financing there is obviously Astrofinance. This company offers its customers loans at excellent conditions. For this reason we advise you to visit the financial website, where you will have the opportunity to know all the features of the financing offered, as well as being able to request a free quote online.

With Astrofinance personal loans you can request an amount ranging from 1000 euros to 60,000 euros, which can be repaid over a period ranging from 18 months to 96 months. Before proceeding with the request we will therefore have to identify the repayment plan that suits our case, evaluating both the monthly installments and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates. Our advice is to request a quote online: in this way you will immediately know the conditions of funding that will be proposed by Astrofinance. In a few simple clicks you will have the opportunity to compare the different durations in order to identify the optimal solution, as well as obviously compare the treatment offered with that of other banks. To provide you with an immediate view of the conditions of the Astrofinance personal loans from € 8000 we have carried out an online simulation. To do this, just specify the project you want to create, selecting it from the relevant drop-down menu, and specify the amount of money you are interested in. In our case we hypothesized to want to buy a used car costing € 8000. The table below shows the monthly repayment installment and the Tan and Taeg interest rates for each of the available durations.

18 months € 471.20 7.47 7.73
24 months € 359.90 7.47 7.73
30 months € 293.10 7.45 7.71
36 months 248.70 euros 7.45 7.71
42 months € 217.00 7.45 7.71
48 months € 193.30 7.46 7.72
54 months € 174.90 7.47 7.73
60 months 160.20 euros 7.47 7.73
66 months € 148.20 7.47 7.73
72 months € 138.20 7.46 7.72
78 months € 129.80 7.47 7.73
84 months 122.60 euros 7.47 7.73
96 months € 110.90 7.45 7.71

As can be seen immediately from the table, there is not much variability from the point of view of interest rates applied by Astrofinance. However, it should be remembered that these are annual rates, which means that, considering the entire duration of the loan, the amount relating to the interest that we will have to pay to the bank will be as high as the number of months in which we intend to complete the repayment.. For this reason we advise you to move towards a rather low duration, of course, provided that the repayment installment is within your reach. For a Astrofinance personal loan of 8,000 euros, it may be advisable, for example, a repayment plan with a duration of 30 months. In this case, in fact, the repayment installment will be rather affordable as it is less than 300 euros, precisely 293.10 euros. As for interest rates, a 7.45% Tan and a 7.71% Taeg are expected. If you prefer to set a lower monthly payment, then you can “extend” the duration to 48 months. In this second option the repayment installment will be € 193.30, with interest rates of 7.46% and Taeg 7.72%.

8 thousand euro Cleopar loan: how to calculate the installment and interest

Another credit institution offering personal loans from 8000 euros at very good conditions is Cleopar. Also in this case we have the possibility to calculate the installment and interest directly online, without having to go to the branch. With this type of financing you can request a sum of money that reaches up to 30,000 euros. So if you are interested in a personal loan of 8000 euros you will not have any particular problems receiving it by contacting Cleopar. In order to apply, you must be resident in Italy and have an age between 18 and 70 years. Foreign citizens will also be able to receive the desired 8,000 euro grant, provided they have a valid residence permit and have resided in Italy for at least one year. In order to present the request it is therefore necessary to present a valid identity document and the tax code, in addition to the residence permit for foreign citizens. As far as the income documentation is concerned, the salaried employees will be able to present the paycheck, the pensioners, the last pension coupons, and the self-employed students the Single Model for the declaration of income.

Before proceeding with the request for a personal loan of 8000 € Cleopar, in this case our advice is to calculate a free online estimate. The simulator on the Cleopar website is extremely simple, and we will not even be asked for the purpose of the loan we are interested in. To know the repayment installments and the rates of interest that Tan and Taeg apply for the loan to which we are interested, it will be enough to specify the amount to which we are interested and choose the duration that we prefer among those available. After having carried out the simulation with the calculation of the installment and the interest for each of the available durations, we have reported the results obtained in the table below, which may be useful for easily identifying the most cost-effective option from 8000 Euros.

24 months 374.32 euros 9.90 12,56
30 months € 306.65 9.90 12,22
36 months € 261.63 9.90 11,98
42 months 229.55 euros 9.90 11,81
48 months 205.55 euros 9.90 11,67
54 months € 186.95 9.90 11,56
60 months € 172.13 9.90 11.48
66 months 160.04 euros 9.90 11,41
72 months 150.02 euros 9.90 11.35
78 months € 141.58 9.90 11,30
84 months 134.38 euros 9.90 11.25

Cleopar personal loans of 8000 euros have a duration ranging from 24 months to 84 months. As always, the main parameter on which to base our evaluation of the best loan is the monthly repayment installment. For this reason the best way to use our table is to identify the lowest duration, considering the options that have an affordable repayment installment. In general, we advise you not to choose a duration of more than 54 months. In this case the installments will be from € 186.95 and therefore rather low, while the interest rates will be Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.56%. If you want to save on interest then you will have to choose a shorter duration. For example, we recommend a 30-month repayment, with monthly installments of € 306.65 and Tan 9.9% interest rates and 12.22% Taeg.

Ultranix Loan Estimate 8000 euro: monthly payment and interest rates for each term

Ultranix Loan Estimate 8000 euro: monthly payment and interest rates for each term

The last credit institution that we analyze for the 8000 euro loans is Ultranix. There are several strengths of this financial, which allows us to receive sums of money ranging from a minimum of only € 500 up to a maximum of € 30,000 with disbursement in just 48 hours. On the bank’s website you can find a detailed description of all financial products offered, which aim to meet the needs of a clientele as varied as possible. Among the advantages offered by Ultranix there is also the great freedom of choice regarding the duration of the loan, which goes from a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 120 months. Obviously, in the case of personal loans of 8,000 euros, it is inadvisable to choose a repayment plan with too high a duration. As we have done for the other banks we present the monthly installments and interest rates provided for each of the available duration, calculated simply by entering the desired amount in the appropriate space and clicking on ” Calculate the Installment “.

12 months € 698.20 4.91 9.97
24 months € 357.70 4.92 7,91
36 months € 244.20 4.91 7.17
48 months € 187.60 4.92 6.81
60 months € 153.70 4.93 6.59
72 months € 131.10 4.92 6.43
84 months € 115.00 4.92 6.31
96 months € 110.90 6.92 8.35
108 months 101.70 euros 6.92 8.28
120 months 94.40 euros 6.92 8.22

As we have already said, with the personal loans Ultranix we will have a wide choice from the point of view of duration. This is undoubtedly a great advantage, especially if you are looking for a loan with extremely light installments to be repaid in all serenity. The lowest rate in absolute is obviously the one expected for repayment in 120 months. In this case the amount of each installment will be equal to only 94.40 euros, with interest rates Tan 6.92% and Taeg 8.22%. For a € 8,000 loan, however, a 10-year repayment is exaggerated and would result in an excessively high cost for the interest. For this reason we recommend, for example, the repayment in 60 months, which provides for rather low rates, equal to 153.70 euros, with interest rates Tan 4.93% and Taeg 6.59%.



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