Month: March 2019

How fast is fast loan?

by Michael Ezell

Everyone has fallen into a situation where the need for money is really urgent and has no time to fill dozens of papers, talk to a number of bank employees, and finally spend a few days in an endless expectation of a response from the bank. At such times, everyone has come to seek help from a friend, but such friends usually count on their toes if they are at all. So the easiest and quickest way is to get a quick credit.

But what makes fast credit really fast? In fact, a few things:

  1. From anywhere, anytime.

    From anywhere, anytime.

             You can apply for fast credit from virtually anywhere in the country. You can choose whether to visit an office of one of the companies on the market offering       fast loans, or to make a phone call. If you have access to the internet, you can get credit online at any time of the day.

  1. Minimum documentation.

             To apply for a quick credit, you only have to fill in a credit application that is often done by the credit counselors themselves. No additional documents are required, but only an ID card.

  1. Quick check.

             Checking the credit history of each borrower is done immediately and takes a few minutes. A good credit history is almost always a guarantee of getting credit.

  1. Quick decision. 

             The credit departments of the fast-paced companies are specialized in making quick decisions. Typically, within one hour after submitting your application to the phone number you provide, you will receive an SMS with the credit statement.

  1. You get the money fast. 

             Typically, you only need 2 hours to receive the money if the transfer is done by bank transfer, but you can choose to cash in, which is immediately practical.

Thus, getting a loan takes two to three hours from filing the application until you get the money, and it's fast when you need urgent money. With the credits of Micro Credit you can choose between 200 and 3000 leva and decide whether to return the loan in weekly or monthly installments. You can apply in any of our offices throughout the country and choose whether to receive cash or bank transfer.